Green – Life Lessons Pack #2

Green – Life Lessons Pack #2


Do you worry too much? Are you fearful? Pack # 2 has helpful stories on being OK with who you are.

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Our Trading Cards feature stories which are “written” by dogs, and since children relate well to animals they can learn and enjoy the lessons in these important stories. The cards serve as a useful tools for parents, caretakers, and educators and the kids love them!

The dogs share good advice to help kids build character, make better decisions, and become more responsible. These stories teach kids respect and compassion for themselves and others.

There are four packs in this “Life Lessons” series of collectible trading-size cards.  Each packet has fourteen lesson cards. The front side of each card presents a precious, often funny, portrait of a dog, and on the reverse side features a less than one minute “Read-A-Long Story” with an accompanying free audio digital download that can be found on our website.  Kids can read the cards while following along with the audio or just listen while they look at the photos of the dogs, either alone or with others.  The messages truly come to life with wonderful sound effects. The children can spend hours looking at the photos, while listening to the stories and making “best friends” with their favorite pets!

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15 “So Proud To Help” – Do you know anyone with special needs?
16 “Think Before You Speak” – Use words carefully.
17 “Tears Are Okay” – It’s alright to cry.
18 “There’s More Than One Way To Do Something” – It’s ok to agree to disagree.
19 “Send Fear Away!” – Dealing with fears.
20 “Spending Time With Me” – Having time with yourself.
21 “Treat Everyone With Kindness” – Showing respect.
22 “I Like Me Too Much To Worry” – Worrying about yourself.
23 “I Finally Got It!” – Perseverance can pay off.
24 “You Are Who You Are” – Being grateful for who you are.
25 —-This title has the audio download key in it! —-
26 “Lies Hurt…The Truth Feels Good” – Telling the truth is important.
27 “Friends Are Like A Flower Garden” – Loosing old friends and making new ones.
28 “Happy Thoughts Can Be Link Magic” – How happy thoughts can help.


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