“Life Lessons”


“Life Lessons”, includes 55 cards and a CD! The dogs share good advice in helping  kids build character, being more responsible, making better decisions, having more peaceful relationships, becoming more responsible and giving back to the community.  These stories teach kids respect and compassion for themselves and others.

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“Life Lessons” features stories which are “written” and “read aloud” by dogs, and since children relate well to animals they can learn and enjoy the lessons in these important stories. The cards serve as a useful tools for parents, caretakers, and educators and the kids love them!

There are 55 lesson cards in this “Life Lessons” series. The front side of each card presents a precious, often funny, portrait of a dog, and on the reverse side features a less than one minute “Read-A-Long Story” with an accompanying audio that can be found on the CD.  Kids can read the cards while following along with the audio or just listen while they look at the photo’s of the dogs, either alone or with others.  The messages truly come to life with wonderful sound effects. The children can spend hours looking at the photo’s, while listening to the stories and making “best friends” with their favorite pets!


1 “Think of Something Else” – What to do with yucky thoughts.
2 “Are You Really ________” – Remembering to ______ only when you are actually ________.
3 “Where’s the Cat?” – Shelby Lynn didn’t get invited to a party.
4 “It Feels So Good To Help” – Ruthie’s human sister makes a new friend.
5 “Busy, Busy Busy!” – Being too busy can be bad.
6 “Treat Your Body Like Your Best Friend” – Taking care of your body.
7 “Size Doesn’t Matter” – Looking beyond the outside.
8 “Learning From Your Mistakes” – Learning from our mistakes.
9 “Keep Your Word” – Keeping your word is important.
10 “Friends Talk…And Listen” – Good friends listen.
11 “We Are Lucky” – Seeing the blessings in life.
12 “Just A Little Bit” – Paying attention to what you eat.
13 “Friends Don’t Talk Behind Your Back” – Talking about others can hurt.
14 “Don’t Leave A Mess” – When you make a mess, clean it up.
15 “So Proud To Help” – Do you know anyone with special needs?
16 “Think Before You Speak” – Use words carefully.
17 “Tears Are Okay” – It’s alright to cry.
18 “There’s More Than One Way To Do Something” – It’s ok to agree to disagree.
19 “Send Fear Away!” – Dealing with fears.
20 “Spending Time With Me” – Having time with yourself.
21 “Treat Everyone With Kindness” – Showing respect.
22 “I Like Me Too Much To Worry” – Worrying about yourself.
23 “I Finally Got It!” – Perseverance can pay off.
24 “You Are Who You Are” – Being grateful for who you are.
25 “Being ______ Isn’t Pretty” – _______ can be bothersome.
26 “Lies Hurt…The Truth Feels Good” – Telling the truth is important.
27 “Friends Are Like A Flower Garden” – Loosing old friends and making new ones.
28 “Happy Thoughts Can Be Link Magic” – How happy thoughts can help.
29 “Friends Are More Important” – Sharing with friends.
30 “I Like Being _______” – Being _______ can make others smile.
31 “Each Day Is What You Make It” – Make the best of every day.
32 “Just Start” – Getting things done.
33 “Go Ahead And Do It” – Doing things to get them done.
34 “Give A Helping Hand” – Being part of a club.
35 “Does Bragging Get In Your Way” – Bragging can be bothersome.
36 “Don’t Give Up” – Practice makes perfect, even on hard things.
37 “Tiny Steps” – Overcoming shyness.
38 “Will Kids Get Angry At Him?” – Doing things to just fit in.
39 “Someone Special” – Doing special things with your family.
40 “Fruits And Vegetables” – Eating healthy foods.
41 “Look On The Inside” – Seeing past a name.
42 “Who’s Counting” – Seeing beyond disabilities.
43 “Sharing” – Sharing is important.
44 “Thank You” – Two words that are important to say.
45 “__________” – Being careful to not _________.
46 “Sneaky” – Looking people in the eye.
47 “Being Sensitive To Others” – Helping, not hurting, others feelings.
48 “Think First, Act Second” – Thinking before you act.
49 “What Is Enough” – When you have too many things.
50 “Ask Questions” – Asking questions is good.
51 “Strangers” – Staying safe from stranger danger.
52 “A Good Way to Make Friends” – Making good friends.
53 “Time to Myself” – Giving others time to themselves.
54 “Visit Our Website”
55 “Betty Lou Says, ‘Thank You!’”
56  “Theme Card Words”

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