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Own the entire set of 56 cards “written” and “read aloud” by dogs.

Own the entire set of 56 cards “written” by dogs.

The dogs, along with their human brothers or sisters, have experienced hurtful bullying issues.  They share great ideas and suggestions for successfully dealing with bullies.


Pack #1

1 “You Can’t Make Me Do That” – Saying ‘no’ to a bully.
2 “Bullies Aren’t So Tough After All” – Bullies may hurt others because they hurt inside.
3 “The Case of the ‘Bullied Blues’” – Bullies make you feel bad, and you should tell.
4 “My Brother’s a Cool Kid” – Helping someone who isn’t being treated kindly.
5 “Bullies Can Change” – Bullies are mean, but they don’t have to be bullies forever.
6 “I’m Much Happier Now” – Sometime bullies are mean because they have a hard life.
7 “It’s Better to Walk Away” – Fighting is not the best solution.
8 “My Sister Is Strong” – Telling bullies to leave you alone.
9 “No Excuse for Bad Manners” – Bad manners are no fun.
10 “The Reason He’s Shy” – Words can hurt.
11 “Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated” – Don’t be mean!
12 “A Lesson in Learning” – Learning instead of cheating.
13 “A Bully’s Threat” – Telling parents and teachers when you are bullied.
14 “We’re Supposed to Look Like This” – When others look different.

Pack #2

15 “I Like Myself the Way I Am” – Being yourself, even if others make fun of you.
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17 “No One Likes to Be Left Out” – When people tease you or leave you out.
18 “The Bully Backs Down” – Standing up to bullies.
19 “Ribbons and Curls Are Not for All Girls” – Being yourself, even if you are different.
20 “What Other People Say” – Remembering the truth when people are mean.
21 “She Got Caught” – When bullies get caught.
22 “Happy to Be Me” – Glad to be who you are.
23 “See her for Who She Is” – Seeing beyond what someone wears.
24 “When a Bully Bothers You” – Staying safe and standing against bullies.
25 “Words Can Hurt” – Being nice when others are mean.
26 “It’s Not Hard to Be Nice” – Bullying happens, so choose to be nice!
27 “Let’s Be Friends” – Staying calm and being nice, even when others say mean things.
28 “Asking for Help” – Having friends can help.

Pack #3

29 “He Needs a New Name” – When someone has a funny name.
30 “A Hairy Situation” – When you get teased about the way you look.
31 “Plain Ole Mean!” – Sometimes people are just mean.
32 “Tall or Small – Just Be Who You Are” – When others tease you about your height.
33 “Practice Pays Off” – Working hard even when others tell you to give up.
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35 “Why Not Give It a Go?” – Trying something new when it is hard.
36 “A Good Lesson” – People sometimes say things to be mean.
37 “Speaking Up” – Standing up for yourself.
38 “Smile and Say ‘Cheese’ – When friends don’t keep things private.
39 “Now I Know How That Feels” – Learning from what others do to you.
40 “A Team of Her Own” – Walking away when others are mean.
41 “We’re All One-of-a-Kind” – Being different doesn’t have to be bad.
42 “Teasing Is Not Good” – Unkind words hurt.

Pack #4

43 “I Love To See Him Smile” – Saying mean things can make others feel bad.
44 “Don’t Get Caught In The Middle” – Don’t jump into a fight; go get help!
45 “Consider Other Peoples’ Feelings” – Thinking before you speak.
46 “Solving Problems” – Handling situations with kindness.
47 “I’m Saving This Table” – Responding nicely when others are mean.
48 “Get Cooled Off” – Confidence can help.
49 “What To Do With ‘You Know Who’s’” – How to handle bullies.
50 “Come Together” – Working together to stop bullying.
51 “Diablo” – Encouraging others when they are hurt.
52 “Talk Things Over” – Talking things out when you are upset.
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54 “Visit Our Website”
55 “Thank You!”
56 “Theme Song Words”

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