Red – “Caring for Your Dog” – Entire Set


Includes 4 card packs with 56 cards; all about dogs!

  • Have you thought about getting a dog from a shelter? How about getting a Purebred or mixed dog? What is a mutt? Pack #1 has answers in fourteen fun stories to help you know more in our Caring for Your Dog series.
  • Do you know what Spay/Neuter means? How do you find a lost dog or keep it warm in the winter? Find the answers to these questions and more in pack #2
  • What kind of bones do you give your dog? Do you check your dog’s bed for comfort before you buy it? Find the answers in pack #3
  • Ever hear of the word rescue? How about fostering? Pack # 4 has all kinds of informative facts about rescue, fostering, and more.
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Own the entire set of 56 cards “written” by dogs.

Check out each pack for contents! The lessons helps kids (and adults) have a happy life with their pet.


Pack #1

1 “Shelter Dogs Need A Home!” – Adopting a dog.
2 “Why Mutts Are Wonderful” – What mutts are and why they are cool.
3 “Fleas, Fleas, Go Away!” – Protecting your pet from pests.
4 “Purebred Or Mixed?” – Two types of breeds.
5 “So You Want A Dog?” – Taking care of your dog.
6 “Everyone Needs Space And Time” – Giving your dog attention and room to play.
7 “Dogs’ Needs” – What a dog needs.
8 “I’m Older Now” – Learning about senior dogs.
9 “Waggly Tail” – A dog uses its tail to communicate.
10 “We Don’t Get It!” – When people hurt animals.
11 “Pick It Up” – Cleaning up after your dog.
12 “Did I Hear the Word ‘Treat?’” – Giving your dog treats.
13 “Too Tight?” – Making sure your dog’s collar fits.
14 “Ouch! That Hurts!” – Being gentle with your dog.

Pack #2
15 “Spay and Neuter” – Why these operations are important.
16 —-This title has the audio download key in it! —-
17 “Help, I’m Lost And Can’t Find My Way Home” – ID tags and microchips can help.
18 “Shhh!” – Teaching a dog to speak softly.
19 “We Eat When We’re Hungry” – Feeding your dog.
20 “Two Is Better Than One” – Adopting another pet.
21 “It’s Cold Outside” – Keeping a dog warm in the winter.
22 “Betty Lou Says, ‘Keep Me Warm and Cozy’” – Special clothes for dogs.
23 “Max and Me” – Meeting other dogs.
24 “Don’t Leave Me Tied Up!” – The trouble with tying your dog up outside.
25 “I Hear Ya’!” – How noises affect dogs’ ears.
26 “How Hot Is It?” – Never leave a dog locked in a car alone.
27 “Something To Chew On” – Giving your furry friend things to chew on.
28 “Blind and Full of Love” – Caring for blind dogs.

Pack # 3
29 “Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long” – Letting your dog out often.
30 “Antifreeze” – Keeping your dog away from this poisonous treat.
31 “No Bones About It!” – The right kind of bones are great.
32 “Don’t Stop at The Nose” – Watching to see if your dog is healthy.
33 —-This title has the audio download key in it! —-
34 “No Teasing Please” – Don’t tease your dog while it eats.
35 “When The New Baby Comes Home…” – Telling your dog about a new family member.
36 “When Walks Are Not Enough” – High-energy dogs.
37 “Small Dogs” – Small dogs can be fragile.
38“When A New Pet Arrives…” – Helping your dog get to know their new friend.
39 “Know Your Limits” – Each dog needs the right amount of exercise.
40 “Do Unto Other Dogs…” – Treating dogs well so they become well behaved.
41 “Get the Right Dog” – Not every dog belongs with every family.
42 “Different Weather” – How your environment can affect your dog.

Pack #4
43 “Ask My Vet” – When you don’t know what to do, ask for help.
44 —-This title has the audio download key in it! —-
45 “A Safe Walk” – Watching your dog while you walk.
46 “I Can Get Really Sick” – Some things are poisonous to dogs.
47 “Allergies” – Dogs can have allergies too.
48 “Check The Concrete” – Hot pavement can hurt dogs.
49 “Rescue Groups” – There are all kinds of rescue groups for dogs.
50 “Fostering” – Dogs can be fostered.
51 “Be Nice To Bugs” – Letting bugs mind their own business.
52 “On Being Thankful” – Being thankful, even if you are a dog.
53 “Train Your Dog To Be Nice” – Some people train dogs to be mean; train yours right.
54 “Visit Our Website”
55 “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”
56 “Theme song words”

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