Red – “Caring for Your Dog” Pack #1


 “Caring for your Dog” features 14 stories “written” and “read aloud” by dogs – and since children relate well to animals, they can enjoy, while learning important lessons. The front side of each card shows different photos of dogs and the backside tells a short story. The free audio download is under products. Kids can read the cards while following along with the dogs or just listen while they look at the photos of the dogs. The messages are full of wonderful sound effects.

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1 “Shelter Dogs Need A Home!” – Adopting a dog.
2 “Why Mutts Are Wonderful” – What mutts are and why they are cool.
3 “Fleas, Fleas, Go Away!” – Protecting your pet from pests.
4 “Purebred Or Mixed?” – Two types of breeds.
5 “So You Want A Dog?” – Taking care of your dog.
6 “Everyone Needs Space And Time” – Giving your dog attention and room to play.
7 “Dogs’ Needs” – What a dog needs.
8 “I’m Older Now” – Learning about senior dogs.
9 “Waggly Tail” – A dog uses its tail to communicate.
10 “We Don’t Get It!” – When people hurt animals.
11 “Pick It Up” – Cleaning up after your dog.
12 “Did I Hear the Word ‘Treat?’” – Giving your dog treats.
13 “Too Tight?” – Making sure your dog’s collar fits.
14 “Ouch! That Hurts!” – Being gentle with your dog.

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